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3 Quick & Easy Staging Tips

Whether you're decorating a new home, getting one ready to sell or just redecorating for fun, there are so many ways to make a space pop. Follow our recommendations below to have a magazine ready home!

No matter what your design taste is, these 3 things can apply to all decor and home styles.


1.Use different textures - It is no secret that neutral is in right now. But for some, neutral is boring, or you already have too many colors and don't want to add another. A really fun way to add extra elements to a space is through different textures. Things like greenery, textured pillows or chairs or even a fun rug can add a layer of depth that continues to catch your eye. It is an easy way to keep a space interesting without adding color if you don't want to.

2. Bring in natural elements - By natural elements, we mean things like plants and greenery as well as earth tones, brick and wood accents. Like I said before, neutral is in right now. So by bringing some natural elements into your home, you can liven up the space and it adds a lot of warmth into the neutral space that you have going, while still keeping with your color scheme. Even if you're out of the box and bright and colorful, using these natural materials still gives an added layer of dimension and warmth to your space.

3. Use decor items with height variation - Everyone has shelves, entry way tables or even counter tops that can be difficult to decorate. By using items with different heights, your eyes are carried through the whole area and adds flow to the space! Some of my favorite things to use are vases, photo frames, books and candles. These items are easy to find either around the house, or for cheap at stores around you. This is also a great place to add some of those natural elements and different textures mentioned before, without breaking the bank!


Take a look around your house. Are there any items laying around that you could use in a new way?Maybe switching out photos that you already have or changing those flowers in the corner to match the season! Hopefully these tips were helpful and tag us @rhaegroup so we can see your new space!

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