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Things To Do in and Around Arvada: Shopping, Restaurants, Bars

The weather is heating up, we're almost to the weekend, school is a month away from ending and people are looking forward to their summer events. A big complaint with the west Arvada area, was that everything was so far away. Well the community has taken that complaint seriously and now there is so much to offer!

*Photo from Freedom Food Hall Instagram

Restaurants & Bars:

If you're in search for a quick bite to eat or a new place to meet up with some friends, you are in luck because there are plenty of unique and local options! Up near the Candelas community, they have Resolute Brewery, Bluegrass Coffee and Bourbon Bar, Yeti's Ice Cream and Arcade and even quick bite options such as Wendy's, Starbucks and more! The new Freedom Food Hall is also working towards completion. It will include many options from coffee to sushi to pizza and so much more! It opens June 13th and is a place you definitely want to add to your summer to do list this year.

If you're nearby in the Five Parks and Whisper Creek area of Arvada, some great options are Jack's Bar and Grill, Lot One and aj's Deli. A lot of these places are local to the Arvada area and a great place to eat delicious food and support the people living in your community.

Olde Town Arvada:

In case you are looking to do something a little more eastern Arvada, Olde Town Arvada hosts many options. Tons of restaurants, bars, a library, small shops and events throughout the season make Olde Town a great place to spend your weekend. For all of you art lovers, Olde Town Arvada hosts many weekend events throughout the year, such as the Art Drop where you can go on a scavenger hunt to find that months art piece, first one to find it gets to keep it for free, each month showcasing a new artist!

*Photo from 303 Magazine


With Arvada being a suburb of Denver, you are close to many nearby towns such as Boulder, Downtown Denver and Golden. All of these places offer many different shopping experiences. Boulder for example, hosts Pearl Street with many clothing shops and boutiques. Downtown Denver has 16th St Mall and in Golden you can walk down Washington Ave and find many clothing options. Of course you have your standard malls throughout the area like Colorado Mills and Flatirons Crossing, but Boulder, Golden and Downtown offer a huge variety in options outside of your standard stores.

Whether you're moving to Arvada, visiting or just looking for something new to do, I hope we were able to provide a few items to add to your summer bucket list!

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